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Is What I'm Learning Really Useful?

Stay tuned so I can tell you how fucked the school system has become!

Hello my name is Ryanne. I'm currently in high school—let me rephrase that, I'm currently I'm hell. Also, a quick side note: This is my first story I'm fighting about. I like venting a lot, but never have anyone to vent to so hopefully I can gain some readers on here who will hear my voice as I try to speak out against the shit I believe in. Alright back to the story, I hope you enjoy!

Why the School System Is Ruined

Where do I even begin? There are so many things wrong with the schools these days. My main problem is what they teach. In no way is it necessary that I have to take four math credits to graduate. As far as I'm concerned, knowing the area of a cube isn't gonna be relevant in the future for the career I want. No class pissed me off more than heath. I thought it was gonna be new stuff to learn about your body and staying healthy—no, oh no no no, it's all common sense, like drinking and driving is illegal, drugs are bad for you, and you can get STDs from unprotected sex. Come on, we're all high schoolers, we all know this. All these stupid required classes aren't useful at all. How about you teach me something useful like how to vote or basic survival skills? Check out this link or scroll to the bottom to listen to a short song titled "Don't Stay in School"—it's a perfect representation of what we should be learning in schools instead.

What needs to be changed?

A lot of things need to be changed. I'm fighting for a change in schools, and I will not let them dumb us down and teach us nonsense. I think what needs to be changed is classes like learning how to do taxes, learning about the political parties and laws, different angels of science like aeronautics, astrophysics, genetic engineering, etc. I think that if you want to take four years of math, then go ahead, but it should not be required because some people who already have an idea of what they wanna do as a career don't need those four years of abstract math skills. And why am I being educated so much on the past? They teach you hundreds of years of history, but that is the past. Put the past behind you. Instead, educate us about the now. What's happening in the world right now? Educate us on the present and future, not the past. The only thing I'll ever use the stuff I learned in history for is maybe some trivia game that'll win me a free meal at a restaurant.

Alright guys. I'm sorry. I'm not very good at writing and my paragraphs are always mixed up and don't always make sense. I'm just trying to get my word out. I'll be writing more stories in the future so please stay tuned! Have a nice day, loves!

"Don't Stay in School"

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Is What I'm Learning Really Useful?
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