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Introduction to College Application Process

A Way to Beat the System

College. The word alone makes some kids start having asthma attacks.

My job in this blog of sorts is to help other high school kids in their college application process. What I hope to do with this is to help even just one kid in their college application progress with the things I taught myself when applying to colleges by myself. 

In this edition, I’m going to speak about my college application experience and hopefully it will help some of you in the next few months. Let’s start with introducing myself, my name’s Anthony and I’m attending St. John’s University in the fall. Now, last year at this time, I was not saying that. I applied to 17 schools in the fall of my senior year. Out of that number I was accepted into 14 of my 17. Of those 14, I received three full scholarships, eight half scholarships and three quarter or less scholarships. My schools ranged from as close as Adelphi University to as far as the University of Michigan and Butler University. Now, you are probably thinking: how in the world did you pay for all of those application fees?

Let’s do the math (because this math is actually important):

Let’s use 60 dollars as the average price of a common app college application fee.

Now let's multiply that from my 17 schools.

Total: $1,020.00

Keep in mind some schools such as Villanova University has an application fee of 90 dollars. The biggest thing is that I didn’t know if I was going to be accepted to each of these schools or any for that matter. So imagine applying to 17 schools, not knowing at all if you will be accepted or not. But here’s the thing, I spent 180 dollars, not 1020. Now you’re probably thinking, "How?" and "no way that’s true," but it is.

I will talk more about fee waivers at a later post but they will become your best friends. They are the reason I was able to apply to so many schools and have so many options as to what college was the best suited for me. Now as I end this first post I want to give some advice to the upcoming senior class. I will be brutally honest, these next few months are going to be the toughest of your entire high school years. However, take it from someone who went through it just like you all did, it is truly worth it in the end. I’m going to a school that I never expected to go to and truly cannot wait to start there in the fall. 

So from a former senior: enjoy your senior year but be ready for the storm that is coming and in the end, you will realize how you are all going. To succeed no matter where you attend in the following year. Hopefully in the following posts, I can help make the process a bit easier and teach you a few tricks and tips to help you beat the system.

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Introduction to College Application Process
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