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Improve Your SAT Score with Magoosh's Online Prep Course

Magoosh's online prep course is the ultimate guide to the SAT. Want to boost your score up 100 points? They guarantee it.

Studying for the SATs is never fun, and always overwhelming. Even if you've gone to the most expensive private high schools in America, those three letters can make you stress out. But today, there are plenty of tools to take advantage of. When I took the SATs, the only real advantage I could use was a one-on-one tutor. And I hated it. I wanted to study on my own terms and on my own time. 

Fast forward to now, I'm well out of college, and very happily past any standardized testing. However, I'm certainly jealous of students today who have tools to help them like online preparation courses. 

Magoosh's online prep course is a helpful tool to use if you are looking to boost your SAT score. However, you don't even have to have a previous score for Magoosh to help you do your best. Using Magoosh's preparation company, the course will aid you in preparing for your upcoming test since they really know how to get students motivated to learn.

Choosing from one month, three months, or six months of prep, you can build your knowledge with them as much as you'd like. So, let's get into the questions you might have when considering this prep course. 

So, what is Magoosh?

Before you can even consider signing up for Magoosh's online prep course, let's first cover the basics. What is Magoosh? Magoosh gets its name from a play on the Old Persian word "magush," which means a wise person. Magoosh is an online preparation company. 

They are based in Berkeley, California, and have the sole focus of teaching students through video lessons, test questions, and email support. Though we are focusing on their SAT prep, they also offer options for test preparation materials on the GRE, GMAT, ACT, TOEFL, LSAT, MCAT, IELTS, and Praxis exams. 

They are very proud of their unique approach at test preparation. They aim to make preparation more affordable, more enjoyable, and most importantly, more effective. 

Using a free mobile app for iPhone and Andriod, or desktop versions, Magoosh reaches students all over the world.  

What kind of plans does Magoosh offer?

So, you're studying for the SAT, what kind of offers does Magoosh's online prep course provide for you? You can choose from three packages, a one month, a three month, or a six-month package. 

The one month package provides over 140 video lessons, plus over 900 practice problems and study schedules. The only difference between this package and the three-month and the six-month package is that you will have more time to access all of this content. Each of these packages will also feature email assistance from expert tutors, consistently on call for all of your needs and questions. 

So which is right for you? Depending on your personal timeline, how far in the future your SAT is scheduled, and simply your time management skills, you should consider the time needed to prepare for your upcoming test. 

How much does it cost?

Magoosh's online prep course for one month will cost $79, or $39.50 using the promo code MAGOOSHSAT50 (for a limited time, if the code does not work, there will likely be a new offering soon!) The three-month preparation package costs $89, but with the promo code, it will only cost you $44.50. And the big package, for six months, will cost you $99, or $49.50 using the promo code. 

If these price ranges are a little too much for you to commit straight away, they also provide a seven day free trial with no commitment needed. This will include a step by step run through of their lesson videos, what to expect, and even some practice tests and

Magoosh offers material extremely close to SAT content.

As one of the most commonly asked questions about Magoosh's online prep course, yes, Magoosh offers material extremely close to the content you will see on the SAT. This is attested to their experienced instructors using metrics to ensure the types of questions match those on the actual SAT. 

They also ensure that the difficulty in the practice questions is accurate as well as each of the resources they provide. They rank the questions by difficulty so you can master the basics of the SAT first, and then work towards your target score. 

Let's take you through the study guide.

Magoosh's online prep course offers a very helpful study guide. The first step is to answer a set of question in your blue book, which you can either order or download. 

After you have completed these questions, you will be provided with video explanations for the questions by expert Chris Lele. And finally, you will watch lessons on concepts you would like to further learn about. Offering over 140 lessons, you can access lessons on math, English, and writing. 

If you don't have an account, Magoosh even provides free related lessons on SAT math. This includes an introduction to Algebra, Algebraic expressions, word problems, Algebraic equations with two variables, Geometry strategies, and mean, median, and mode explanations. 

Magoosh SAT guarantees your score will jump by 100 points, or your money back.

Magoosh's online prep course guarantees your SAT score will advance at least 100 points. If that doesn't catch your eye about their course, we don't know what will. However, there is a catch. In order for this guarantee is only offered to people who have Premium subscription. If you have this subscription, they will guarantee your old score will jump. 

They are confident that using all of their study materials will result in a dramatic difference in your scoring, by at least 100 points. To prove this, email them a scanned copy of your after score report and they will give you a 100 percent refund if this does not occur. 

Check out their blog while you're considering signing up.

Magoosh's online prep course is not all that they provide. They also have a blog, that has lots of more resources for someone preparing for the SAT. 

The blog includes consistent posts about SAT scoring, information, tips, tricks, and stories. Some examples of articles they post to their blog are How to Study, How to Take Notes, the Best SAT Books, and an SAT Question of the Day. Challenge yourself further with the resources on their blog. 

Who are some of the instructors?

Magoosh prides themselves in their test prep experts. They even lay out their biographies on their front page. So, who are they? Chris Lele is a UCLA graduate with over 10 years of math tutoring experience. He is a great assset to the company for both his enthusiasm and expertise in math. 

Kristin Keating has a PhD from UC Irvine, plus a degree in Education and English. She has helped students prepare for standardized tests like the SATs for over eight years. She is your go-to woman for bettering your essay score.  

Lucas Fink studied creative writing at Bard College and has taught English grammar and standardized tests since 2008. Lucas helps students to better their thought process while taking tests as a whole. 

Mike McGarry has a BS and MA from Harvard. With over 20 years of teaching experience, he specialized in math, science, and standardized exams. Mike's Harvard degree has helped him to teach math and science in a simplified yet innovate way, due to the standardized testing structure.

Kevin Rocci graduated from UC Santa Cruz and has been tutoring standardized tests and teaching English in both the US and Japan for over 12 years. He is a great asset to the company, known for his patience, understanding, and intense knowledge of the English language. 

And finally, Bhavin Parikh has a bachelor's in Computer Science and Economics from Duke and an MBC from UC Berkely. He sets the vision and strategy for Magoosh and has a "mission to change the way people learn and how they think about learning." 

And finally, how do I get started?

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up today on their website. All you'll need to provide is a student email address, payment method, and promo code (if you want a discount.) The process is simple, and soon you will be on your way to furthering your education, and bumping that SAT score up. It's just one of those ways to make high school easier on yourself. Your future just got brighter!

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Improve Your SAT Score with Magoosh's Online Prep Course
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