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How to Survive Finals Week

A how-to guide on surviving the most stressful time of the year.

It's time for finals

You look at your calendar. In red ink writes "Finals Week" on next week's dates. You have to take a double look. It can't be finals and or midterms week yet, can it? Fear not, student, if you follow this, you should be able to survive.  

So when finals week is about to wreck into you like the Titanic into an iceberg, what do you do? 

Try not to stress.

This is the first thing I would recommend doing. The more stress you put onto yourself, the worse your finals week will go. Try to stay as calm and collected as you can. Take a warm bubble bath, listen to music, even watch some funny videos. Just try to keep things at bay. I know it's easier said than done, but if you can do it, you will benefit. 

Actually study.

Ok so obviously studying is a must, but when I mean study, I mean actually get out your textbook, and actually read it. Take notes, highlight stuff. Make flash cards on quizlet. Whatever works for you. Try tricks like chewing mint gum while studying, or even placing a gummy bear at the end of each paragraph. 

If you don't understand what you are studying, head over to Khan Academy or any other academic site with tutorials. Khan Academy in my opinion is actually very helpful, especially with math and or science. Did I mention it's free?

You could also get into study groups, but if you chose to do that, make sure you pick the right people. It's temping, but don't pick people you know you are going to goof off with. You really need to prioritize focusing on studying. Save the partying for after you've passed your finals. 

Don't procrastinate.

Procrastinating is the ABSOLUTE worst thing you could do right now, however we are all guilty of it. To avoid procrastinating like the plague, try using a planner, like Google Keep, which lets you list all the things you need to do on a cute little sticky note. You can also share these with others, check items off, and set alarms. It's really useful, and once again, free.  

Turn the phone off.

This might be the hardest thing to do, but in the long run, I promise it will help you so much. You can tell yourself over a thousand times that you won't mess with your phone, but then twenty minutes later, you are scrolling through twitter. Either turn it off, give yourself rewards, or say ever hour of successful studying, scroll through your phone for fifteen minutes. Again, whatever works for you.

I hope this guide was somewhat useful to you, and I hope you are successful and pass your finals or midterms. You got this, student.

Get out there and bring your A game. Ace those test. Even if no one believes in you, know I do. 

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How to Survive Finals Week
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