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How to Be a Favorite Student

And Still Be a Favorite Friend

School has so many rules, restrictions, policies, and expectations (even unwritten ones). To truly be the happiest and most successful version of ourselves at school there are two simple hacks to keep a positive environment there: get along with your teacher and get along with your fellow students, all at once.

Haha. "Impossible" you may say. Well, if you are here to tell me what is and isn't impossible, grab a number and join the long line of people who do the same. The show where I prove you all wrong is about to begin! *dramatic hair flip*

Anyway, there seems to be only two possible paths that you can take in class: be favored by the students or the teacher. But what if you could walk down the middle? Well, now you can. Step by step, here is how you can achieve this goal.

1. Be positive.

Being positive doesn't mean you always have to be happy, that is an absolutely unreasonable expectation. Show positivity by complimenting others and not putting them down, being patient and not complaining like many MANY students tend to, and being a positive influence on others (clean language, respectful, etc.); this, of course, is a great way to stay on the good side of teachers and students. I mean, who doesn't like compliments? And a fair amount of students and teachers really dig having a ray of sunshine in a sky full of clouds.

2. Try!

Some sick music might be blasting in your ear saying "You don't have to try, try, try, try-i-i!" But, reality check honey, YA DO! You won't be perfect at everything and you might not be as good at it as the next guy, but trying makes all the difference. You think teachers care if you answered that calculus question right? Pft! No! (Well like 0.000001 percent yeah...) They care that you took the risk of embarrassment to answer that question, which proves you are willing to learn, makes students and teachers appreciate you more as a student and show that you actually care about your education.

3. Actually care about your education.

So maybe you are only at school because your parents make you go and you're planning on dropping out at age 15. To be frank, you need school. Felicia: "Um, no I don't!" 

Me: "Um, yeah you do!" 

Felicia: "What about YouTubers?" 

Me: "What about everyone who has to pay rent and do their taxes? What about writing your resume? What about being an intelligent intellectual?" 

Felicia: "Well, Um...." 

Me: "Bye, Felicia!" Now, through this monologue, I hope you've learned that there are many more examples in life of when you need education than when you don't. If you look down on education, many people look down on you.

4. Get to know your teacher.

Teachers couldn't like you more if you do this. They realize you acknowledge them as more than just an educator who blabs about base×height÷2, you see them as a human who has a life and interests away from school as we all do. When doing so listen more than you speak so you really hear and understand what your teacher is like. If you remember to stay away from personal questions like where they live, how old they are, their first name or the name of their partner, you're golden!

5. Get to know your peers.

So this may seem irrelevant, but this is one of the largest parts to maintain a good relationship with peers. There will absolutely be that one person who is salty, difficult, and just won't open up. In those cases, they might be uncomfortable with sharing; so just show kindness to them and they'll probably begin to trust you more. And most importantly, have everyone's back, no matter who they are. I'm not saying if their wrong or if they are in a fight to take sides; I mean that if they are being teased or criticized, you should stand up for them, even "stop" is good enough. This will let others know that you are sweet, respectful, and trustworthy.


Now, I hope these made the difficult path a little less difficult. But remember, no one likes a teacher's pet. Don't act like you know it all and don't abuse your favor from teachers or students to benefit yourself in a bad way: like getting students who admire you (not in that way) to do your homework or bringing in forms late because your teacher will accept it from you. Be thoughtful of others and don't use them. Results from this process include better grades (by a bit), more friends, less drama, and joy from you to others and back again.

Thank you so very much for reading my post and I hope you enjoy the other ones I come up with. Try this at school or even at work with your boss and coworkers. Please share this post with anyone you think would want to test this out (or even someone who is disrespectful and needs a change). You can copy the link and post it any or everywhere. And don't forget to read my future as well as previous posts.

XOXO - Legitimate.  

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How to Be a Favorite Student
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