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How Homeschooling Confined Me

It kept me from tasting the little bits of life, that I had to come face to face with, for me to grow into an experienced individual.

A picture of a home school student, what they actually feel like, trapped in apathy.

It all started in middle school, as soon as I finished Grade 8, I was asked to join a home school. I was told that that it was going to be easy and eventually ended up making my decision. How old was I? Barely 14. And in my hands came this enormous responsibility of holding captive my future. The starting two years of high school, I had been involved in homeschooling. It was calm. I didn't particularly have to deal with a lot of people, but it was surely mind numbing to me. No friends, no enjoyment or activities, though it allowed me to stay in my comfort zone for quite a long time. I didn't attain a thing, not even the right knowledge, because my focal point was totally out of it. Every other day, whether it be morning or night, I was told to do one thing and that only. "Go study; you don't wanna cry on the last day!" Despite sounding dramatic, in the back of my mind, I knew it wasn't destined for me to be in that position, and I knew I made the wrong choice to begin with.

However, in November of 2016, I aimed to start a new life, with a passion and a dream which I am still continuing on as a student, who wants to attain money for the family's support, whilst having a dream of becoming a graphic designer. Yes, I understand and it is true that whether you are attending a high-tension medical program or pursuing an online course, studying is stressful. To devote your time and energy into studying when you should be dividing both with outdoor activities is risky, on a high amount.

Take it from me, no matter how much I tried or however much I strived for it, in the end, my fate showed me what I had been covering with several layers of deception, to myself. You know, how they say:

If someone really wants something,
They'll find a reason
They'll find a way
They'll make the effort.

If this is not how you feel right now or at least one of these qualities, towards your work and achievements, you are following an illusion, my friend. Maybe it is time to change your game; if it isn't as easy, make it. Force your way; those people that keep you from accomplishing what you are made for are only your challenges. Challenges you must overcome.

Back when I was in homeschooling, I only had a limited choice of courses that I could choose from; there was no option. Either you choose chemistry, biology, physics, computer science, English, geo, and history or you choose none and go back home to become a clerk. I wanted more than just that. I knew there was something more. My grades were terrible and they were screaming that it was time to go to the real world. Time to step forward. Time to jump out of the comfort zone. Time to live life. 

And so, that's what I did. It wouldn't have gotten this worse if it weren't for my parents, but again, my life wouldn't have shined as bright as it is, if it weren't for my parents. They encouraged me along the way, showed me how a life of misery would feel compared to a life of astonishment, and this is where it all got me.
Although, even now I'm only in grade 12, I have been so amazed of the illustrious characteristics that the high school life has offered me. The friends that I've made and the inspirations I've taken from teachers, students, and people that pin their work for viewers to see. Plus, I've chosen a field of art, graphic designing which I am building my career upon and soon, a life out of. 
From courses that offered me nothing but distress, to an opportunity that gave me an ability to discover the right path, in my life. There are still obstacles in my life that I need to overcome, ones that are not related to my work or my studies, but they do carry a huge negative weight on them, and sometimes ruin my thought process. I look forward to erasing them out, and continuing my life like I plan to.
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How Homeschooling Confined Me
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