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High School

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

I remember the weeks coming up to my first year of high school. It was such an exciting milestone for me. I was no longer in public school, and I really felt like I was growing up. Although the excitement was there, so was the worry. I was approaching a whole different group of people, I was starting at the bottom. I didn't know many people, and the group of friends I left public school with was small. It came time to get our classes and sure enough I wasn't in any of the same classes as my friends. This created a whole other side of nerves. I not only was going into this huge school, but I felt like I was doing it alone. 

Let's go back to public school for a minute...

When I was in grade six I moved to a new school. At this time it was excruciatingly hard to fit in. Everyone had made their friends that they thought were unbreakable bonds. Months later I was finally able to get my grounding and become friends with some girls, but I always felt like the outcast. I wasn't there with my friends for the first seven years of public school so we didn't have that bond that everyone else did. To make matters worse my old school didn't teach French. So coming into a new school and starting three years late into a French class was more than hard. It created a whole other world of stress I didn't know I could have. Once I finally became comfortable with my new school, grade eight came. I thought I had a good group of friends that I could trust, and I was excited about the future. Not long into grade eight I was being bullied by others, and some of my so-called friends were involved. I never thought that my best friends could turn on me like this. I ended high school feeling like an outsider, with a few friends. 

A Junior in High School

Grade nine came and I was able to make a few new friends in my classes. Throughout the year, I gained some old friends and lost some new ones. I made a new friend in art class that I clicked with. We became best friends, and honestly I don't think I've ever been so close with anyone. There were quite a few hard times in my first year of high school. I have always been overweight for my age and once I got into high school people started to bully me for it, the preps specifically. I was called awful names that have really stuck with me to this day. Thankfully I had a best friend that didn't put up with BS like that and she called them out on it. They never made another rude comment "to my face." My best friend and I managed to stay close for about three years. We had the same part-time job in grade ten and I was also working part-time somewhere else. My second year of high school was the most memorable. Once I started my part-time job with my best friend we became even closer. I worked with a guy that I began to have a huge crush on. I felt that I would never have a chance with him, so all I did was dream about what it would be like. Little did I know that he liked me back. Long story short, we started dating and it was the best six months of my life. Unfortunately it ended, mostly because I was fifteen at the time and he was a few years older. He wanted a serious commitment whereas he was my first actual boyfriend and I wasn't ready for that. I would say our relationship ended on a fairly good note, and as the years have gone by I have grown a lot as a person. 

A Senior in High School

Grade eleven was a calm year for the most part, but things began to get rocky with my best friend. As grade twelve approached all hell broke loose in the first couple months. It was apparent that my best friend and my other friends didn't get along the greatest. At first it was okay and they were able to handle each other, but as time went on it got worse. It came to a point where my friends couldn't stand the presence of my best friend. I could see some of the red flags they talked about but my best friend had always been there for me and I wasn't ready to lose her. Unfortunately it came to the point where we both realized that the fight wasn't worth it. She felt uncomfortable around my friends, and they felt it too. The end result was that she got new friends and I stayed with some of mine. I still stay in contact with her and there aren't any harsh feelings, it was just too hard to have the same friend group. We were quite different and it clashed when it came to hanging out with each others friends. As the time went on, I had a couple falling outs with two girls in my friend group. It came to the point where I felt like I had no friends. (When I actually did, I just felt too uncomfortable to be around the ones that liked me because the ones that didn't were also around.)

Prom Season

Now prom is coming up and I have all day co-op so I never see any of my friends and I feel alone. I wasn't invited to go to prom with my old group of friends because one of the girls doesn't like me and she's the one planning it all. So thoughts are going through my head like, do I even go? I'm in my last year of high school, I feel alone, what's the point? I've always been the person that is an acquaintance with many, but only close with a few. A group of girls had some extra seats on their prom bus and they offered me a spot! I was extremely thankful because at that point I thought I was going to have to miss prom because I didn't have anyone to go with. So, I ended up planning to go with those girls, and I invited one of my friends from a different school to go with me because I didn't want to feel like an outcast not being close with the others. I was still a bit upset that some of my close friends didn't stick up for me when the other girl wouldn't allow me to go with them. Until, they asked if they could come on the same bus as me. They felt that their bus wouldn't be as fun because it was filled with people they weren't close with and they didn't want to be ditched by the girl so that she could be with her boyfriend. So they ended up coming on my bus. So my prom experience went from being extremely upsetting and not knowing who to go with, to going with three of my closest friends and a group of acquaintances that were super friendly. I really couldn't have asked for a better end to the school year. 

High School as a Whole

In conclusion, I had an interesting experience in high school. I went from my worst to my best a few times. I can confidently say that although I may not be the happiest emotionally, I have a great group of people standing behind me. If I didn't go through everything that I did in high school, I wouldn't be who I am today. With that being said I am glad it is over, and I cannot wait to take on some completely new experiences in college!