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Embarrassing School Incident

Well, you'll just have to read it yourself to find out.

It was my first day of high school and I walk into the doors of the school excited to go to the same school as my friends from eighth grade. I was excited to start class and meet new teachers and friends, hoping they would get to know me in a good way. I am handed my schedule at the table in front of the office without anyone around to tell me where to go as they were busy with their own schedules and finding their own way, I tried to find my first class myself. So I am walking around trying to get to my class with only five minutes to be in my seat in the right classroom and I end up in the wrong class. How? Well, when you are going to a new school that is pretty big because every kid in town goes there and you have nobody to show you where your class is, you tend to get lost.

I was told by the teacher of that class where to go. I leave that class, start to walk toward my actual class, and I get stopped by one of the teachers who I swear had it out for me throughout high school. I always got scolded for something during school and always by the same few teachers. This teacher tries to send me to the principal's office, but the principal happened to be walking by anyway and wondered why I was stopped by this teacher. I told him I was a new student and was just told by another teacher the directions to my class because I had gotten lost initially. He sent me on my way as he saw no reason to give me a detention over that.

I found my class and quickly made my way to my friends who were sitting in the corner of the classroom. We, of course, had no real class or homework for the first day because many teachers like to use that day to get to know their students and have the students get to know each other. By lunch time, my friends and I got up and we left the class to walk to the cafeteria downstairs. As I walked down the stairs, I tripped on the fifth step up and fell on to the floor. I laughed it off, hoping everyone was too busy to notice, but of course they noticed. After my friends helped me up, we got our lunches and sat down to eat. 

After lunch, we went back to finish our classes. The rest of the day went pretty smooth, aside from the embarrassing first half of the day, and we all went home for the day.  That was a unique first day of school that sounded like it was right out of a movie. I sometimes think about this day and wish I could do it  very again differently. Then again, that day made me who I am today and why would I want to change any part of my past? I think I learned a lot in my four years of high school. How to deal with embarrassment, stand up for myself against those who want to throw me under the bus, and how to speak up for those who can't.

After high school, half of us move on and half of us decide to continue on the same path we were on in high school. Sometimes I wonder if we ever really stop being so clumsy, immature, emotional, or whatever makes I guess there is no way to find out until later in life when you look back at your younger self. Right?

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Embarrassing School Incident
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