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Do We Get Real Education at School?

In my opinion, we don't.

I don't think that school's provide us a real education. The system is very outdated. In school, we're supposed to do great in every (or almost every) subject. The teachers may say that general knowledge is important, but in the world where companies need specialist, it just isn't the case. 

What is education?

Education isn't about learning by hard some bull$%*t facts, like war dates or the chemical structure of... I don't know what. It's about getting better at a skill, getting values. We aren't taught for getting better at life, we're taught to get a job. I mean, think about it; were you taught... 

  • How to deal with bullying/hate/negative comments?
  • How to handle money wisely? For example, what about debt?
  • how to chase your dream?
I wasn't taught either of these. Teachers who have also fallen into this trap tell us over and over again to give up our dreams and get a job

The system was built to "educate" workers, not creators.

Don't get me wrong.

My intention isn't to make you think that "the system is wrong" and start protesting. I want you to get around it. Having a formal education is still great to have because you can't apply for college without graduating high school and won't be taken seriously when searching for a job. 

At this moment (April 15, 2019), I am still a student at Gymnasium. It's like German high school, but a hell harder one. My problem is that school cuts so much time out of my day. I could learn languages, business and co. more if I wouldn't have to go to school and then do my now awaited homework. It basically prevents me from pursuing my dreams. Right now, I'm at the stage where I start planning my day out in order to get more stuff done.

Learn how to learn.

This is the most important thing you want to learn in school. You have to try different methods to learn faster and better. There are also plenty of websites and YT videos which can help you with that. 

Later on, if you already know what you want to learn, it will be easier for you. This skill can be crucial in your future. People who don't know how to learn will fail at pursuing their dreams.

Remember that we're talking about real education, so mainly getting better at a skill. If you want to travel more, why not to practice finding  cheaper flights?

If not a job, then what?

If you don't want to work in a nine to five job and work for someone else, here are the possibilities. 

You can either become a freelancer, a content creator or found a business. 


A freelancer is someone who provides services to companies or other individuals and makes money for it. Do you know French? Make translations online! Fiverr is a good platform to look up. Your career can start with being a freelancer and then you can transit into the other ways.

Content Creator

A content creator obviously creates content. YouTubers, Instagrammers, bloggers, they are all content creators. Your role is to produce content in form of text, audio, video or picture which will be watched/listened to by an audience. If you want to know more, just Google "How to earn with..." It can be YouTube, for example.

Business Owner

A business can be run online or offline. With an online business, you don't have to worry about the bills for your headquarters. A business owner is basically a freelancer who has made his own platform, the freelancer on the other hand uses platforms like Fiverr made by someone else.

Final words

To all students! If you have a dream, don't give up because your teacher tells you to do so! In the 21st century, so many things are possible. You just need a pencil, sheet of paper and a good idea. If you need an inspiration, check out Jade Darmawangsa who is an enterpreneur, teenage business owner. She has a youtube channel. 

She is a proof that if we want hard enough to, then we can.

I'm leaving you alone with this, and wish you luck.

(Luck = hard work + opportunity    :D   )

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Do We Get Real Education at School?
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