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"Be Yourself!" They Said

One High School Student's Valiant Fight to the Cap and Gown

Worth the Read

Being the one who stands out in high school can mean a multitude of things to different students. The kid who has an unhealthy obsession with Percy Jackson books, the girl in the back of the classroom who collects crickets, or the boy who secretly loves the boy band that people cringe at when the name is whispered. I was different, but for something that may shock you. 

I grew up with two highly educated parents. The apple does not fall from the tree because I succeeded in every school I have been to. I was an A student almost all my life, I was the teacher's pet, and I was that annoying kid that never missed a teacher when buying Valentine's gifts. I was the typical nerd. 

However, when I got into high school, I was a mixture of things. I rebelled my freshman year. The "thug" life, if you will, intrigued me. I got involved in a minor drug group and wore limited clothing to bring all "those boys to the yard." It worked, but it was not exciting like a Ke$ha video. Towards the end of my freshman year, I left that group and went towards the "nerd" life again #livinthatlife. Two days after I decided to leave the group, they were arrested and brought to justice. Thank the Lord I left. It was pure luck. 

After that monstrosity of a situation, I excelled my sophomore year. I was hot, curvy, and smart. Definitely "bringing those boys to the yard" in gym class bending over showing my "goods." 

Oh boy, high school right? It got to my brain. I was a fake. I liked the emo girl's photo to show how supportive and inclusive I was, but my girlfriends and I really made fun of her music taste and unsettling choice of heavy metal, atheist boyfriends. Like really Abigail? The guys you like all turned gay your senior year (oops, spoiler alert). But anyways, I thought I was the best thing around that everyone worshipped on Instagram. 

Towards the end, I got a reality check. Prom was the highlight of my school. Since all grades are invited, prom was my game. My dad got me a limo and I bought my dress exclusively from Florida. Literally, I went to Florida to get a prom dress. I invited all the girls to come in the limo. Even ones I didn't know, #OMG. 

The limo was small and daddy could not afford a stretch (it is all good now, my dad doesn't owe me and I love him). I had to withdraw invites #dramallama. My friends were okay with it, but I definitely broke a couple hearts. I knew I needed to change. This popular girl, oh look my daddy is rich attitude did not fly with many for long. 

Junior year comes along. I did my first summer job and had a close relative die. This definitely was a boost in humility and reality for me. I decided that junior year and senior year, I needed to figure out college. Junior year, I did some exploring and a lot of SAT preparation. I narrowed it down to that I wanted to go to a Christian college and that I wanted to be in a warm place. After amazing religious experiences with Christ and the Lord, I knew I wanted to serve Him in my education and career that I choose. 

After expressing these needs to my school, I got a backlash. The one university my school praises is Uconn since I live in Connecticut. I go to a magnet school that lives on statistics and if most of their students who are minorities get killer scholarships to Uconn, then enrollment increases. I am going to a Christian college in Florida. A religious student going to Florida does not bring statistics in for them that they desire. This means backlash and lack of support. 

They told me I was embarrassing to their school and that I need to conform to their beliefs rather than my "conservative Christian beliefs." Really? Well, I have gay friends and my father cooks in the kitchen so, where is the conservative in that? My school went as far as to stalk my Facebook page to find that I am this supposed "crazy Christian girl." Oh boy, that is another story. That year ends, and senior year begins.

I was lucky enough to go to a school at least that offers free college classes through my community college in the area I live in. I worked my sophomore and junior year to take mainly college classes my senior year. Right now, I have a full college course load with a high school load as well. I will be walking into a four-year with 27 credits. 

You would think my school would be using me as an advertisement. Ha, you are wrong. I was brutally emotionally abused my first semester. My parents were lied to by my principal. Again, another story. 

I was called stupid and unreasonable. By TEACHERS AND STAFF. All because my path was different. Right now in my senior year, it is difficult. I will get into it in another article one day, but this is just a preview into what my life has been like in high school so far. I am getting hurt emotionally for my difference from others. I am not this robot they can control. I broke the cords to the game controllers and became my own individual. 

Two words,

Stay tuned! 

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"Be Yourself!" They Said
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