Tresa Elias

Just a college student with a lot to share! 

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Seven Struggles of Being a Woman in STEM
a year ago
Women are a minority in many STEM-related fields, and the numbers are not getting better. Many women leave their fields due to the struggles they endure as being part of a male-dominated culture. This...
Mission Impossible: Staying Motivated to Study in College
a year ago
Sometimes getting motivated isn't the problem, but staying motivated can be hard for some students. For those of you who don't know me, my name is Tresa and I am a #studygrammer. My main goal and the ...
Study + Instagram = Studygram
a year ago
Studygram, a clever portmanteau of "study" and "Instagram," in its simplest form is a study motivation page. Studygrammers share pictures of their notes and study spaces to inspire students around to ...