Tiffany Harper

Tiffany Harper began her career as a journalist in the educational publishing house. Now she works as an experienced expert writer, mostly in education, business, and technology area. Please, contact her on Twitter.

Tips and Advice for Summer Secondary School Leavers
18 days ago
This is it… the moment you’ve been waiting for. You’ve written the final page of this chapter of your life, and you can’t wait to turn the page and start a new one. The big question is… what are you g...
The Most Common Barriers to Learning and How to Overcome Them
19 days ago
With the advent of smart devices, the popularity of social media, and even generally the interference of the World Wide Web, we realize that we are no longer living in the simpler times that prevailed...
How More Music, Theater, and Dance Boosts Students' Writing Scores
4 months ago
In psychology, art therapy is one of the most interesting approaches to diagnosing and treating mental health problems. Instead of relying on conventional treatments and medication, patients can creat...
How Does Technology Affect Student Writing? Pros and Cons
4 months ago
As a matter of fact, young people are prone to embracing IT gadgets faster than their parents, so we are now witnessing a genuine revolution in the field of education. Technology is influencing almost...
18 Totally Flexible Ways to Make Money in College Without Dropping Classes
5 months ago
Every college is different. Every student is different. Still, there are some things in common between all colleges and all students: Education is getting too expensive, so the students and their fami...
Six Working Ways to Engage Students in Volunteering
6 months ago
We can’t deny the fact that students are an important part of our society today. Their level of social awareness, their keenness in sharing knowledge, and their great enthusiasm for a cause that inter...