Teddie Casterton

Young Author - Current English Student at QMUL.

Passionate and Adventurous 

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University Housing Needs to Be Fixed!!
16 days ago
University sucks and here’s why! The time has come where every eager 18-year-old is filled with excitement as they’ve received their grades and know exactly which University they will be going to (wel...
Top University Mistakes You Know You'll Make!
a year ago
Going to university can be tough. For once, there is no mother or father to hold your hand and guide you through this new adventure. You are now independent! Well done! Everything you do from your wee...
What They Don't Tell You About University Accommodation
a year ago
They didn’t tell me who you were. I called all too many times but not a word was replied as to who you were. A storm of anxiety brews in the clouds above with a blurred picture of your face the origin...