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Learn Graphic Design Without College (or Debt)
a year ago
Skillshare is an online learning community aimed at graphic designers, techies and artists. There are thousands of classes available for you to take and each one guides you through, step-by-step in th...
5 Signs It's Time to Quit Homeschooling
a year ago
So as you may know, I signed my little girl up for public school 5 days ago. It was scary, it was heartbreaking (for me, anyway) and I felt like a big, fat, hairy, stinky, ugly failure. Just one day b...
I'm Quitting Homeschooling My Kids. There, I Said It.
a year ago
I'm sitting here tonight while my four kids play with Legos and chat about our new goat, Moonpie, who is coming to live with us in two days. There's an occasional shriek as one kid snatches a block fr...