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Professor of Rhetoric writing about ideas, thoughts, experiences, events, teaching, and more here at vocal. 

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Questions About Online Teaching
2 days ago
A campus is an extremely important element of college pedagogy. We don't consider everything that it does for us when we are there. Our classroom pedagogy is reliant, dependent, and influenced deeply by the walk to our classrooms, the experience of the dorm and cafeteria, and the feeling of the hallways. Many of us think about our classrooms as little islands that we control and have the responsibility for crafting a pleasant, productive environment where learning can happen. But how much of tha...
The Lonely Classroom
19 days ago
It's August. I'm in that mode of excitement mixed with anxiety as I start to prepare to teach. This often involves gathering up a lot of scraps of paper, things I've saved into MS OneNote and Google K...
Summer Steps for College Success
a month ago
The middle of the summer is not the time of year you find yourself thinking about your university courses. Maybe it should be. If you are like many people you see the summer as a chance to get away fr...