Samuel Gaitan

I'm just a twenty-something year old with an imagination. I have a small idea in my head, I write, and one thing leads to another I have a whole story. I hope you like what I've written.  Excuse the grammatical errors, I'm working on it.

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High School: Junior Year (Chapter 7)
a year ago
I remember my dad saying something about him having an early meeting today but didn’t want to go back to the office. He often did that. He was a corporate attorney so he was able to bring his work hom...
High School: Junior Year (Chapter 6)
a year ago
Chapter Six (Ralfie's Point of View) I didn't catch what Elena said to Sam. I was too busy thinking about what was inside of the folder and then Sam just gets up and leaves the cafeteria. Elena, Selen...
High School: Junior Year (Chapter 5)
a year ago
I slammed through the cafeteria doors trying to catch up with Jeanette. Out in the hallway, I looked left and right and I didn’t see any sign of her. I did, however, see the corner of a manilla folder...
High School: Junior Year (Chapter 4)
a year ago
Chapter Four The rest of the first month of school went by faster than usual, it seemed. There were a few times I walked to school without Ralfie. He would send me a text either the night before or th...
High School: Junior Year (Chapter 3)
a year ago
Chapter Three Being a junior in high school, it is sad to say that I have never been in a situation where a girl initiated the conversation first. 'Act cool,' I thought to myself. “Yes to all of the a...
High School: Junior Year (Chapter 2)
a year ago
Chapter Two: Luis David High School had sort of a big front lawn. From across the street I could see people already claiming their spots . At Luis David, we weren’t confined to sit only in the cafeter...