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Properly Inspired, A Plattsburgh Professor Made the Most of My Limited Intelligence 
4 months ago
30 years ago, I packed my bags for Plattsburgh State. The fear of leaving home for the first time was readily apparent. Regardless, I beat that 20 minutes after my parents left me for dead. As for the...
Dyslexia Is a Learning Disorder Not a Thinking Disorder
5 months ago
Dyslexia as a disorder causes a reader to jumble and misinterpret letters and symbols. The scramble, nonetheless, does not amount to a thinking disorder, and while it can be overcome in spades, there ...
Byram Hills Security Guard Clarence Hewins Is Ready at the Gate
5 months ago
If you’re a parent, student, teacher or administrator at Byram Hills High School, you can’t miss Clarence Hewins. He is the school’s security guard and occupies the booth at the entrance of the parkin...
After 30 Years, Dottie Jordan Retires as Executive Director of Mt. Kisco Childcare
6 months ago
In my working career, whenever a boss has appeared in my proximity outright fear overtakes me. On the other hand, Executive Director Dottie Jordan of Mt. Kisco Childcare Center inspires something alto...
Somers High School Physics Teacher Left the Challenge up to Us
7 months ago
By late June 1982, my immediate future was in place. I was going to Plattsburgh State and computer science would be my major. But I still had some unfinished business, and as I tentatively wondered do...
What I Like About Somers, New York
8 months ago
Back in June 2013, Primrose Elementary School had every third grader put together an essay on "What I like about Somers, New York.” Blue suburban skies, ample fields of play and a close knit community...