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The Secondary Life of Mr Davies: Episode 3
a year ago
Mr. Davies was early. He glanced at his watch. Half past 8. Perhaps everyone else was just late! He crossed the threshold into a large room which smelled faintly of boredom. He unwound the lid of his ...
The Secondary Life of Mr Davies: Episode 2
a year ago
The books should have been laid out neatly on desks in accordance to the carefully designed seating plan Mr. Davies had painstakingly prepared. There should have been a lesson starter on the board to ...
The Secondary Life of Mr Davies: Episode 1
2 years ago
The pale morning sun glinted through the crack of that blind that didn’t work, no matter how hard you tug at it. A dagger of sunlight illuminated the bottom right hand corner of the interactive whiteb...
7 Ways to Revise Effectively for Your Exams!
2 years ago
Seven handy tips to make a success of your exams!