Paulina Pachel

Contrary to popular belief, my first name is not pronounced PAH-LAYNA. I am an intricate mix of flavors and you'll get a taste of them through my writing pieces; versatility and vulnerability go together like a fresh-baked croissant+coffee.

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The Collegiate Hot Topic: Taking a Gap Year
7 months ago
For those of you that pursued higher education, you can relate to the enormous monthly tuition statements, underpaid part-time jobs, money tossed at expensive textbooks you’ll never use, and sleepless...
Graduating from College Debt-Free Amidst a Financially Global Turmoil
10 months ago
College is probably the most pivotal point in an adolescents' life. This is a time for reinventing yourself, drug experimentation, and fun. It is also a time of self-discovery, thought-provoking debat...