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10 Laundry Tips for the New College Student
2 months ago
Let's be honest here, mom and/or dad have always done your laundry for you... and you're kinda tempted to just bring it all home with you one day so your they can still do it for you. However, you won...
10 Tips for Your First Week in College Residence
3 months ago
Number 1 is the most important.
Left Wing Literary Theory
a year ago
If you are writing an essay and you don't know what to write about... throw in some left wing literary theory! I'm serious, teachers and professors everyone love it! There are tons and tons of differe...
It Gets Better, I Promise
a year ago
Today I had an interesting experience; I had to get my transcripts to apply to college by going directly to my old high school. I’ve heard other schools will mail it for you if pay 12$, but my old hig...