Mikkie Mills

How to Prepare for Law Exams
4 months ago
Getting the chance to join the bar is a big achievement. After all your years of hard work at law school, you finally get the chance to practice a profession that you're very passionate about. However...
Why High School Seniors Should Carefully Consider The Pros and Cons of College
5 months ago
High school may seem like a time that is care-free, and a time where one is enjoying still being a 'kid’ with some responsibilities. However, high school is truly an important time, as the decisions o...
Opportunities to Study Abroad in Law School
5 months ago
Whatever your situation, studying abroad in law school leads to wonderful discoveries.
5 Reasons Why Furthering Your Education Can Help You Become a Better Teacher
5 months ago
If your dream is to become a teacher, you have a special role to play in shaping future generations. Therefore, you ought to make sure that you attain all the required skills to do so effectively. For...