Mikkie Mills

Top 10 Websites for Finding the Right Scholarship
15 days ago
When it comes to schooling and getting an education, tuition can be a struggle to pay and could put you in debt right away. A lot of us have a hard time saving money in general and could use the help....
4 Reasons Why College Freshmen Should Live Away from Home
15 days ago
While many students might prefer living in a home with the comfort it is helpful to live in a dorm at least for the first year in college. The reasons and benefits of living away from home can be many...
What to Do After You've Graduated College
16 days ago
Graduating college is truly a dream come true. Whether it has taken you longer than the traditional 4 years or you are an overachiever and graduated in less than 4 years it is still a special time of ...
The Tech Survival Kit for College
19 days ago
We are all aware of how college life can be very hectic at times. Keeping up with the lectures, assignments, deadlines, and exams can be very exhausting, and in those times, all you wish for is a magi...
Tips for Teachers During the Holidays
a month ago
The hustle and bustle of the holidays often makes it difficult for even the most studious children to focus on their schoolwork. Even the best educators experience challenges in maintaining their clas...
5 Reasons You Should Complete an Internship
a month ago
The Benefits of Furthering Your Learning