Mike Lefko

A 26 year educator, taught at the elementary, middle school and high school levels. Served as a school leader in public, private and charter schools. Aspire to teach aspiring teachers at the undergraduate level and conduct research.

School: It's Not Work...It's Training (and You're out of Shape, So of Course It's Going to Be Hard)
a year ago
I had the opportunity to work with a student one on one today. This is a student who impresses me as very smart, yet he fails his courses repeatedly. Why? It is simple, or so I thought. He is just not...
The Difference You Make
a year ago
We met for a conference today with a mom and a student. The student has, at least situationally speaking, anxiety that is paralyzing, and anxiety that brings the child to tears. She was sitting with h...
Social Skills—More Than Just Your Grandmother's Expectations
a year ago
Social Skills—More Than Just Your Grandmother’s Expectations As an educator, some of the things that I learned pretty early on were that students will rise to the level of expectations you set for the...
Failure Apparently IS an Option
a year ago
Failure…apparently IS an option. I see it every day. Smart young minds choosing not to try. It used to be students who had a hard time learning in school would act up, and become behavior problems, bu...