Mark Smith

I am a college student sharing my stories of college education and what I wish I had known about higher education. 

I also write about my view on life, society, and people. Ideas of the future and more.

-Live your best life, it's all you got-

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5 Tips for Soon-to-Be College Students
8 months ago
When I first started looking to go to college I thought all these little tip lists were a bunch of crap. People just trying to get you to read so they'd get paid. Looking back, I wish I had paid a lit...
A Day in the Life
8 months ago
Most people know, or have a basic idea of, the daily life of a traditional college student. Wake up, go to class, sit through long lectures, work, home, study, sleep, repeat. Oh and some food in there...
A College Student
8 months ago
Today I want to share my college education experience. One that is ongoing, but one that I feel people should hear. After High School, many feel like they are ready to conquer the world. Sadly, they h...