Madison Rheam

HACC student majoring in nursing, love blogging, cheer captain in high school, work out enthusiast, cat lover, iced latte addict

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Eliminate Animal Dissection
4 months ago
From 170 different species, millions of these helpless creatures are being dissected in schools each year. The American Anti-Vivisection Society states, in one year, over 12 million animals are used i...
What No One Tells You About High School
a year ago
Your body will start to go through some physical changes that... wait a minute. You actually thought I was going to write an article about puberty? Think again because this is basically the survival g...
You Did It
a year ago
Congratulations! You survived the last four years of prison... *cough* I mean, high school! Today is the day that you walk across the stage to get a piece of paper that basically holds the last four y...