Leigh Fisher

I'm from Neptune. No, not the farthest planet from the sun, but from Neptune, New Jersey. I'm a writer, poet, blogger, and an Oxford comma enthusiast.

I go by @SleeplessAuthor on Twitter and @SleeplessAuthoress on Instagram.

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The Unrelenting Student Loan Soliloquy
8 months ago
In higher education, loan debt is something students battle with every semester, then for decades afterward. While going to college, each year is a juggling act of trying to balance jobs and classes w...
7 Reasons to Finish Assignments Early
9 months ago
One of my favorite undergraduate literature professors had a mantra that there were no due dates for papers in his class. You could do them all in the first couple of weeks, you could work on them gra...
Transfer Tips from a Community College Employee
9 months ago
After working at a community college for nearly two years and being a transfer student myself, I’ve got some tips and warnings if you’re embarking on this journey too. In that time, I worked in a one-...
You Can Still Finish Your Degree While Working Full-Time
10 months ago
Getting a degree when you work full-time is one of the most challenging things a person can do, but if you have a firm objective, it’s worth chasing. If you know what career path you want but you need...