Katie Rees

English Literature student trying to act like an English literature student.

20 and sort of loving it.

Hey all!

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'I Live with Strangers'
8 months ago
Oh. My. God. Living with strangers. Sounds like an absolute nightmare, doesn't it? Your whole life you've lived with your family; people who you're completely comfortable with. You've been hiding unde...
University, Anxiety, and Friends
8 months ago
Before you go to uni, you have this idea in your head, this perfect idea, of how everything is going to go down. You're going to meet the person of your dreams, join two or three clubs and societies, ...
Uni: The Big Transition
10 months ago
Yes, it's brilliant. For anyone who is starting university, considering university, or just randomly pondering the concept of it, it is brilliant. I remember leaping out of my bed and crying in disbel...