Katie Hall

Hi! I am a high school English teacher with a passion for reading and writing! I hope you enjoy my articles!

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The Joys of Teaching High School
a month ago
I confiscated my first vape today. I took it as a win since I've been teaching at this particular school for one month and two weeks. That's a long time to go without a vape spotting in an inner city ...
Your Guide to Surviving Finals
5 months ago
You can do it!
How to Survive Student Teaching
8 months ago
So you’ve started student teaching. Congratulations! This is a completely exciting and utterly overwhelming time in your life. But don’t stress. Student teaching is meant to prepare you for your new j...
Self Care Tips for College
10 months ago
College can be the best four years of your life. However, college can also be a little hectic with finals, group projects, and papers being written in the wee hours of the morning. Everyone’s been the...