Jade Pulman

How to Teach Students Effectively
8 days ago
If you are a teacher who is just starting your career and wants to learn a little bit more on how to teach a class effectively in a classroom that is very noisy and that has many distractions, you sho...
5 Things to Know as an Education Major
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Learning Languages Can Help You Think Faster
21 days ago
Staying mentally sharp is important at any age. Learning a new language can help. The internet has many easy-to-learn programs. Sometimes you can even find free programs that are actually good. Other ...
What College Can Teach You About Business
a month ago
Some people think that business is a real world type industry that you do not need a college education for. What will college teach me that I can’t learn myself? An education can provide the knowledge...
Five Ways to Stay Educated When Not in School
3 months ago
Learning does not start or end with school. Just because you are done with college or are saving up to go to some sort of higher education, this doesn’t mean you have to stop learning. There are many ...
4 Tips on Organizing Your Classroom
3 months ago
Have you ever watched your class leave at the end of the day to look around the room you use and see a disastrous mess? It looks less like a classroom and more like the aftermath of the Godzilla movie...