Dustin Miller PolyInnovator

I created a Modular Degree to pursue a higher education, autodidactic, ambition. Allowing me to create a synergy in 3 fields of innovation:

Global Sustainability Development

Innovation and Project Management

Social Entrepreneurship

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World Education
6 months ago
I believe 100 percent, that in the future our education will be modular. One that will give way into a lego-like combination of stackable credentials. That idea was sparked from Anant Agarwal the CEO ...
The Future of Education
6 months ago
Why would education need to be changed? Let's establish this first, as the current situation is often misunderstood. The very traditional form factor that the higher education system (really though sc...
Building Your First Semester
6 months ago
When it comes to creating your degree it really boils down to making a semester at a time. Yes, you can do what I did, and collect 400 courses then make 10 semesters out of it. However, that takes a l...
7 months ago
Hello, this story today is both an introduction of myself, as well as an intro for my main project, the "Do it Yourself Degree." Now, I am not the first person to pursue this sort of endeavor. Oh, there has been so many, however I am the first to pursue building a personal brand around the creation, documentation and pursuit of a degree. This being said, I love to learn from the people who preceded to me, and so I will be talking about their endeavors too! The point of the degree is to go after ...