Deanne Adams

I love stories. Stories which make me laugh, cry, wince or get angry. Stories which make me care. Most of all, I love helping others tell stories that captivate. Reach me at or

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Think a Teacher's Job Is Easy?
8 months ago
Alright, everyone, settle down! Eyes front. Now. Jade? Now. Phone away. Ben, that chair has four legs: use them all before you fall off again. You were unconscious for a worryingly long time last less...
Footnote on the Lunacy of Public Services
2 years ago
I do not, of course, mean that to have public services is lunatic, I merely wish to comment on the bizarre structures and unwritten operational rules which undermine the smooth running of these servic...
Groundhog Day
2 years ago
Alright, settle down! Eyes front. Now. NOW. Ben, that chair has four legs: use them all. Don't you remember what happened to you last week? Right, then. I’ve marked the stories you composed for me and...