Courtney Gowland

Welcome to my page! I mostly write about my study abroad experience in the United States of America! I like to give as much as advice as I can so feel free to comment on my posts or ask me any questions! 

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Buying or Renting Books in the USA as a Study Abroad/International Student
9 months ago
Unlike England, in the USA, if you are at University you usually have to buy the books regardless of whether you can find them online or not. As an English and creative writing student, I had to buy n...
So You've Decided You Want to Apply for Study Abroad? Check out My Best Tips for Applications
9 months ago
Okay, so wherever you want to go, you always have to write an application for your university explaining why you would be a good candidate to study abroad and why they should accept your application. Here are my tips for what makes a good application.