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Stop Licking the Blood!
a month ago
I don’t know where first graders get their energy from. Watching them during recess is as amazing as it is horrifying because how do their teachers do this? I’ve been outside with them for maybe 5 min...
Superheroes + Word Problems = Super Students
2 months ago
“None because Director Fury said he couldn’t have a fish tank.” The words are quiet and rushed, as though Mallory hadn’t meant to say them and was worried what would happen if I really heard. She’s a ...
There’s No Room for the Weak in Oregon
2 months ago
Ever since the Captain Cook lesson, London has used cannibalism to get a rise out of her classmates. We’re in the middle of an Oregon Trail inspired game during our Westward Expansion unit and, instea...
Cannibalism Is Still Wrong
3 months ago
It says something that the first words out of my mouth are, “No, that’s cannibalism and we’ve already discussed why that’s wrong.” It’s becoming an unfortunate catchphrase in our room, even long after...
No, We Can't Keep Her
3 months ago
“Ms. C, Lucy’s not back from the bathroom, and I really, really gotta go!” Poor Nat is doing the more dignified, eight-year-old version of the potty dance. It’s the first week of school, and I’m still...
Say No to Cannibalism
4 months ago
I teach fifth grade now. Our European Exploration unit is one of my favorites so far, especially the bit where the kids learn what really happened when Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492. Minds bl...