Alyssa Hutchins

First grade teacher in the NEK. Puppy momma. Wife. Skating Coach. Oceanaholic. 

Spoiling Students
9 days ago
What's better than spoiling children who are less fortunate? I work in a small school in a town I never knew existed until after college. Back to the story, if you haven't heard of DonorsChoose, let m...
The Vermont Teacher Summer Bucket List
2 months ago
What do you do as a teacher when you’re on summer break and you CANNOT sit still? You create a bucket list of things you’d like to do for the summer. It’s a personal goal to finish everything on the l...
Dear Parents (a Letter Teachers Wish to Write)
2 months ago
Dear Parents, I am your child's teacher. I'd like to spend some time to make write down some things I'd like to make clear. I feel this is necessary as the standards put upon me and the expectations y...
Being a 'Teacher' Is Not Enough!
3 months ago
If the quote above isn't true... then clearly you haven't been in education. I've been a first-grade teacher for four years and what I've learned in that time is that if your students don't love you.....
First Grade Technology?!
3 months ago
When I was in first grade I think the greatest technology I'd ever seen was a crayon melter and an old school projector (those were cool back then)! Now, I teach first grade and what I had handed to m...
What You Don't Learn in the Ed Program
3 months ago
Each year, many eager future teachers enter their college years ready to become the next group to teach our next generation. I was one. I walked into school and had all these ideas about what becoming...