Alyssa Hutchins

First grade teacher in the NEK. Puppy momma. Wife. Skating Coach. Oceanaholic. 

Blossoming Into Butterflies
5 months ago
Every year a new group of munchkins enters a school eager to figure out what this big building holds in place. Some day I'd love to be the first teacher they meet and spend their year with. But for no...
Spoiling Students
6 months ago
What's better than spoiling children who are less fortunate? I work in a small school in a town I never knew existed until after college. Back to the story, if you haven't heard of DonorsChoose, let m...
The Vermont Teacher Summer Bucket List
8 months ago
What do you do as a teacher when you’re on summer break and you CANNOT sit still? You create a bucket list of things you’d like to do for the summer. It’s a personal goal to finish everything on the l...
Dear Parents (a Letter Teachers Wish to Write)
8 months ago
Dear Parents, I am your child's teacher. I'd like to spend some time to make write down some things I'd like to make clear. I feel this is necessary as the standards put upon me and the expectations y...
Being a 'Teacher' Is Not Enough!
9 months ago
If the quote above isn't true... then clearly you haven't been in education. I've been a first-grade teacher for four years and what I've learned in that time is that if your students don't love you.....
First Grade Technology?!
9 months ago
When I was in first grade I think the greatest technology I'd ever seen was a crayon melter and an old school projector (those were cool back then)! Now, I teach first grade and what I had handed to m...