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6 Interesting Things I've Noticed Going to Community College

Told from the Perspective of a Freshman College Student

The place I'm going to be!

My experience so far as a community college student...

1. Going to a community college is very eye-opening; you don't always get to see the norm. For example, at a fancy-pants university, there's obviously the fresh out of high school kids all the way up to the 20 something-year-olds seniors about to graduate, finally. 

At a community college, you get to see students from the age of 15 to probably 60 years old (Don't quote me on that).

Now, the community college I go to has multiple campuses; to be specific we have seven campuses and over a hundred thousand students (Not that matters or anything).

2. The community college has a lot of amazing opportunities; not to be biased, but its true. I'm lucky enough to be pursuing one of those amazing opportunities as a student worker (Not saying a little extra money can't hurt, I am a college student, after all).

I found a great position to work with the higher-ups of the school, which on its own has a lot of perks and great insight into long-lasting connections.

3. Buying or renting college books really does break your pocket; if anyone knows a better way not to spend $182 on the two books I'm renting, please, by all means, let me know.

I thought I would have got this whole buying books thing under my wing so that I'm not one of those students constantly complaining about how freaking expensive college bookstore books are, but I found myself at the end of the line complaining about how college books are expensive, unfortunately.

4. Friends: not much to say about this. I don't really want any nor am I looking for any. Definitely not trying to sound mean or anti-social, but I'm here to get good grades and a degree; but I'm sure friends wouldn't hurt (I guess). However, as of right now I am friendless.

If you're wondering how you can make friends, I wish I could tell you, but all I have to say on that is it depends who you end up making connections with (Good luck).

5. The food of all things I thought would be different; unfortunately, it is not. It might as well be as high as the books. I would like someone well informed about why things at colleges, even community colleges, are so expensive. The snacks in the vending machines are unnecessarily high. For instance, the Kit Kat bar, believe it or not— $1.50. 

Not forgetting the limited amount of stores the college has: "We proudly serve" Starbucks, Grillnation, and Quiznos (Yes, that's all the stores they have).

My first semester—let's just call it a trial and error, because I did spend a lot of my money on the vending machines and the stores there (mainly food), being well aware of how high the prices were. 

At the beginning of my second semester, I did buy a few (or more) things from the stores until I realized how much money I was really losing. It made me realize I had to be serious about saving. (My sister also wants me to visit her for spring break so I really have to start saving).

6. Obviously, I'm still trying to figure things out, and figure myself out for that matter. One aspect I definitely have in control are my grades, but then again, I'm only in my second semester. (I did pretty awesome in my first semester.) At the moment, I just have to see how the year ends out for me. (Wish me good luck, Charlie).

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Lydia .
Lydia .

Writing is my passion, I love tech with all its good and bad, mainly computers and phones (fast ones). I love getting feedback good or bad, it pushes me to do better.

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6 Interesting Things I've Noticed Going to Community College
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