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3 Reasons Why High-Achieving Students Choose Bishop’s University

Bishop's: Your Home Away From Home

Chances are, you don’t know Bishop’s University. It isn’t an Ivy League school; however, many well-read students attend Bishop’s.

Students that attend Bishop’s perform well to give the school a good reputation. Students are proud of their “Bleed Purple” community and know that no other school may replicate the experience—from learning concepts and theories to applying them to extra-curriculum activities such as clubs. Students and professors are the university’s backbone, as they consistently work together.

Students manage their own clubs. Students invite people with similar interests to take part of their clubs to have the aspect of community.

Students from all over the world gather at Bishop’s to influence each other—just like an Ivy League school—except its values are not based on wealth. What makes students rich are their minds. Students are asked to think critically when writing research essays that involve generating new ideas. Professors also encourage students to engage new ideas outside of the classroom.

Students learn from students—and so do the teachers, as Bishop’s is situated in a close-knit community: Sherbrooke. Students feel at ease speaking to their professors and colleagues—this experience is not available elsewhere.

Bishop’s University doesn’t have to be the best ranked because it has smaller class sizes. Most universities wish they had the opportunity to know every student—Ivy League schools cannot fulfill this.

Students have access to a variation of courses at Bishop’s from different departments. They are not forced to take specific courses—they can make their own schedule.

Bishop’s may be the least expensive, allowing students to pay their tuition differently.

Let me explain this more thoroughly.

1. High-Achieving Students Have More Help

Because Bishop’s has such small classes, professors become beneficial to each student by offering more help

Class sizes are of 30–40 students.

Students take advantage of this opportunity. They are high-achieving because their professors always help them.

Other English-speaking universities in Quebec don’t offer this. Both Concordia and Mcgill offer lecture classes and do not have time to answer to all questions.

2. Many Courses to Choose from but for a Limited Time

Since Bishop’s University only has 2,300 full-time students, courses are offered once a year—even once every two years.

Students have many courses to choose from, as they constantly change on the timetable.

Students are allowed to learn from departments outside of their major – courses may vary.

Because Bishop’s does not teach to the masses, places for courses are limited.

Fear not, courses come back every year or two, and core courses are offered every semester.

Signing up to a course as quickly as possible is highly recommended to guarantee a place in your core courses.

Sign up now to ensure your place to be among high-achieving students.

3. Low Costs with Better Results

Bishop’s University is accessible.

Quebec tuition costs up to $1,800 per semester.

Out of province tuition is $3,613 per semester.

International tuition is $8,903-10,903 per semester.

This price is more affordable than any English-speaking university in Quebec.

Paying for your tuition might be troubling for your finances—Bishop’s has you covered!

Bishop’s has help from for payments.

Students can now convert Aeroplan Miles into funds to cover their tuition fees.

For every 35,000 Aeroplan Miles, a $250 reward is given.

Sign up for free at


Sign up now to ensure your place.

Bishop’s wants you to be satisfied with your education.

Bishop’s offers free guided tours as a bonus to ensure you like the experience.

If you’re satisfied with your visit, you can apply in person.

It’s your turn to become among the high-achieving.

See you soon,

Bishop’s University

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3 Reasons Why High-Achieving Students Choose Bishop’s University
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