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10 Christmas Gifts for Your Favorite Teacher

You don't have to break the bank when buying the perfect Christmas gifts for your favorite teacher. After all, it's the thought that counts.

Photo by Kira auf der Heide on Unsplash

We all have a favorite teacher or two, that person who has a deep and lasting effect on the way we see the world, think about things or process information. It's always nice to honor that. Our teachers work hard year round to be there for us. Getting Christmas gifts for your favorite teacher is something you'll definitely want to do to show and extend that appreciation.

Stemless Wine Glass for Teachers

Everyone knows teachers are overworked throughout the school year and underpaid. Why not get your favorite teacher this really fun wine glass so that when they are done imparting all of their knowledge and all they want to do is go home and unwind, they'll still have this very tongue in cheek reminder of you when they get there. When I first got mine I thought that they were glass, they look that good, but they aren't. They are made from unbreakable Tritan plastic and one of the coolest wine glasses ever made. You really can't tell the difference. They look and feel just like real glass. 

Funny Math Mug

When I was searching for what to get my Algebra teacher I came across this 'Find X' mug and thought it was just perfect. So now I share it with you. It's a really great X-mas gift, get it? X mas. Anyway, it's great for just about any math teacher in your life that understands *WHY * you get frustrated with geometry, algebra and all things involving random, letters and numbers. Have you noticed a theme here? I really like to give  a personalized gift that is a little funny while also focusing on what the teacher and I have in common.

Black Felt Letter Board

I came across this one when I was looking for that one teacher I just didn't know what to get. I'm glad I did because it makes the perfect gift and comes in handy when you are clueless for gift ideas. This felt and oak letter board is 10x10 inches and includes 423 white plastic letters. You can choose from a whole range of colors for the felt board itself. Does your teacher like pink? They have it. Does they like slate grey? They have that one too. What I really love about this gift idea is there are so many fun things you can do with this. They can use it in their classroom to leave reminders about reading assignments due, or even a funny quote. It's a teacher gift that keeps on giving. 

Gift Cards

You know what makes the perfect Christmas gift for anyone in your life, teacher or not? Gift cards. People usually put them down as the lazy  gift, but I disagree. I love getting gift cards because there are literally thousands to choose from. Does your teacher always come to class with a coffee in hand? Give them a Starbucks gift card to fuel their passion for caffeine. Do you ever notice them reading books on their Kindle or iPad? You know what to get them. Gift cards are also a great option when you want to get your teacher a couple of little things for a gift basket. 

Spill Proof Lady Jane Travel Coffee Mug

The reason this gift made our list is that I had an English teacher who had a thing for black and white. She'd always be wearing outfits that were black and white. This mug instantly reminded me of her. This spill proof travel coffee mug is perfect for just about any teacher on the go. The caption on the mug says "Best Teacher Ever." Thinking about making that gift basket? Pair this mug with the Starbucks gift card and you're all set!  

Flowing Script Notepad

It doesn't get more personalized than this next gift on our list. You get to personalize the pad itself with the name of your choice. Thoughtful gifts for teachers are as much about personalization as they are about practicality. Your teacher can use this for jotting down lesson plan ideas or reminders to stay organized. She'll appreciate this more than you know!

Delightful Monogram Mug

Mugs as you can probably tell, are one of my favorite things to give teachers I like. They last so much longer than apples! This monogram mug doesn't break the bank either. Teachers know students are doing Christmas on a budget. I remember having a conversation with one of my teachers, and they were telling me that mugs go missing in teachers' lounge just as much as pens do. That says a lot. So when I came across this monogram mug, I knew it'd be their favorite gift. 

Donate to Classroom of Choice

It's pretty well-known that some schools are struggling to provide supplies. It's also pretty common knowledge that most teachers are a pretty devoted group. They often see their role as a teacher as if they were on a mission, and some of them are. If you're deciding between a mason jar or hand sanitizer as a gift option, consider donating instead. Your favorite teacher is really committed to the idea of making life better for all students, one of the best things you could give them is to donate to the classroom of your choice. This fantastic company allows you to give a great gift by passing it forward to another class that could use some help. According to the Backpack Index, educating high school students costs $1,355 on an annual basis. This quickly adds up and any amount you can donate will go a long way.

Aromatherapy Candle

These dreamy candles are eco-friendly and really beautifully packaged. They come in four scents, which make it hard to choose just one. Your teacher will love these, because they are so versatile. As I mentioned, teachers are overworked! Having a nice set of candles to light after a long day makes grading quizzes and papers a bit more appealing and cozy. 

Cute Animal Shaped Cartoon Home Decoration for Succulents

These adorable little planters for succulents are so darn cute. There are so many options to choose from, everything from cute little corgis to birds, even teachers figurines. They're just big enough to hold one or two smaller succulents. If you're looking for the perfect gift for that biology teacher, this one is a great choice.

Any of these options will make your teacher beam with a smile of gratitude. Remember, it's the thought that counts and that's what makes getting Christmas gifts for your favorite teacher matter in the end. 

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10 Christmas Gifts for Your Favorite Teacher
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