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10 Best Apps to Use With Google Classroom

Want to know which apps connect with Google Classroom for the ultimate learning and teaching experience? These are the coolest and best apps to use with Google Classroom for better learning.

Google Classroom is essentially the future of teaching. It’s a free web service developed by Google for schools that’s dedicated to simplify creating, distributing, and even grading assignments through the computer and not on paper. This is also an amazing way to use less paper and save more trees! It's an awesome way to stay connected with your students and constantly stay organized in each class.

What makes Google Classroom a convenient platform is the fact that there are apps you can use with it! There are definitely apps out there you can download that will enhance your teaching skills and easily allow students to learn any subject through diverse teaching methods. And all of this is connected with Google Classroom. So, if you already have Google Classroom and want to use more tools to help with teaching, then any of these apps to use with Google Classroom is right up your alley.

CK-12 by CK-12 Foundation

While you can use this through your iPhone and iPad, CK-12 is truly a handy app that features over 5,000 math, science, and spelling lessons and concepts. You and your students can have content access anytime and anywhere. If your students want to improve their grades or learn more in a subject, this app can definitely help them with that.

The app includes practice and learning at their own pace, track progress on all subjects, work on class assignments, receive reminders for assignment deadlines, get recommendations for learning resources, and much more. And there are so many topics that this app covers like Geometry, Measurements, Earth Science, Biology, English, Spelling, Money, Time, Calculus, Chemistry, and others. Your students can understand their worst subject much better through CK-12.

Curiosity - Get Smarter Daily by Beacon Solutions, Inc.

Want you and your students to gain knowledge every day in a breeze? Among the best apps to use with Google Classroom, Curiosity is an app that’s designed to make everyone never stop learning! You can learn so much about the world through reading articles and watching videos.

Through over 5,000 articles and literally over one million curated videos, they're all based on any topic you can imagine. You and your students can also pick their favorites and mark them in the favorites category. From history to science, this app features tons of fascinating articles and videos daily that can help explain certain subjects and its specific teachings in a better way.

Duolingo by Duolingo

Is teaching a language a tough job to do and a tough thing for students to understand? Duolingo is actually one of the more useful apps to use with Google Classroom! This app works wonders and is seen as the world’s most popular app to teach and learn languages. Through the 23 languages it offers from Spanish to French, Russian, Dutch, Swedish, Italian, Hebrew, and more, your students can certainly learn to be fluent in any language by constantly practicing with this app.

Duolingo teaches a language through fun, bite-sized lessons. It also allows you to record yourself talking to see what it’s like speaking in a different language. While Duo the owl keeps track on how well you’re doing, you can practice having real conversations with Bots! And yes, Duolingo is connected with Google Classroom and it's one of the best apps for teachers to download

IXL - Math and English by IXL Learning

Math and English are definitely two of the subjects that students find it difficult to understand. But now, with IXL, students can have fun while learning through interactive questions, personalized recommendations, and virtual rewards! Through over 5,700 skills in math and English language arts, all of your students will continuously be motivated and engaged while they go through topic by topic and mastering each new challenge that comes their way.

While this app can be used for grades pre-K to 12th grade, all students can review the lessons and practice what they’ve learned in the funnest way possible. Math is filled with skip-counting, pictures for graphing quadratic functions, and much more. English comes with learning new vocabulary, reading and analyzing text, developing writing skills, and others to improve your students’ learning abilities.  

Quizizz Student by Quizizz

Here’s another fun way for students to learn through Quizizz, which is seen to be among the greatest apps to use with Google Classroom to install. It’s basically a self-paced learning tool that’s used by millions of students and teachers. This is actually very useful, since students can learn at their level of understanding rather than having to struggle over learning something that’s out of their learning level. Through the app, students can play quizzes that’s been assigned to them by the teacher or even compete globally on live games.

Students can climb the leaderboard, unlock avatars, and even customize their own games featuring themes, music, memes, and much more! Within the Quizizz, you’re getting millions of public quizzes that covers diverse topics, subjects, and grades, managing homework, global game modes, optical read-aloud questions for participating, etc. Luckily, it integrates with Google Classroom!

Padlet by Wallwisher, Inc.

Ideal for creating and sharing projects, Padlet is the perfect app that gives students the opportunity to use its digital canvas to create breathtaking projects and easily share it with any other student. Students can also collaborate through the app in designing and working together to put the project together. From the coolest apps to use with Google Classroom, so many teachers and students find this app to be ideal when partnering up for a project or assignment.

It works like a piece of paper and you can literally put whatever you want on it. From videos to recorded interviews, writing out texts, and uploading documents, you can also customize wallpapers and themes to your project. Other than those, you can use Padlet for creating a discussion board, a group greeting card, a Venn diagram, or a simple business plan. There are endless possibilities when it comes to Padlet!

Khan Academy by Khan Academy

Learn almost anything for free through one of the best apps to use with Google Classroom—Khan Academy! You can use this app through the iPhone or iPad and either one features its own benefits. However, through over 1,000 videos and explanations from science to math, history, economics, and much more, students can sharpen their skills in nearly any subject they’re struggling with.

The app comes with 40,000 interactive Common Core aligned practice questions that feature instant feedback and step-by-step hints for a little more help. Students can learn and follow along through their ideal pace and clearly understand whatever they’re having trouble with. As for in the iPad, the app offers interactive exercise recommendations that’s tailored just for you through the world of math. Also, show your work by jotting down your thoughts in problem-solving on a expansive scratchpad. 

Classcraft by Classcraft Studios Inc.

Among the apps to use with Google Classroom, Classcraft is like bringing adventure to the classroom! Students can easily get motivated through this free online educational role-playing game. Both teachers and students have the chance to play together through an adventure game-like app and improve both learning abilities and behavior!

The app can teach meaningful teamwork and manage classroom behavior with ease. While the app acts like a gamification through any type of existing curriculum, it’s designed to grab your class’ attention and have them become motivated for a better learning and teaching experience.

Chalkup - Class Collaboration Platform by Chalkup

You and your entire class can now easily be and stay connected through Chalkup. This app allows you to connect all assignments, discussions, grading, messages, personalized to-do lists, and course material all in one place. This app is also ideal for using less paper material in the classroom!

As a collaboration platform, Chalkup can have all students, teachers, parents, and even administrators constantly connected. The app features a news feed for everyone to stay updated on anything that's going on, students can create their own do-list lists, allow conversations going for participation, and students can review course materials in an instant. This certainly makes Chalkup one of the best apps to use with Google Classroom to install right now.

Nearpod by Nearpod LLC

Lastly among the greatest and handiest apps to use with Google Classroom is Nearpod. This must-have platform allows all teachers, schools, and districts to create an engaging learning experience for students to understand. Through interactive presentations, collaborations, and real-time assessment tools, students can easily learn all lessons through their iPhone or iPad.

Students can create new slides or switch their Powerpoint, Google Slides, PDFs, or Sways into a Nearpod presentation in a breeze. You can share lessons with students through all devices including quizzes, open-ended questions, polls, videos, and much more to increase your students’ learning abilities. Teachers can give instant feedback and post-session reports to students, as well. 

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